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Coffs Harbour Golf Club gets a revamp



In desperate need of a face lift, after having years of add-on’s and outdated decor the Coffs Harbour Golf Course clubhouse has been given a new lease of life.

Kylie Mackay of KYLIEMACKAYiDESIGN was engaged to update the tired space and to encourage the players to come back and utilise the restaurant/dining spaces and re-establish it as a function/conference option.

What Kylie has achieved is a cohesive design concept that offers visual interest using tactile elements.  A combination of colour, pattern and texture has helped achieve this vision as well as zones of casual to more sophisticated areas within the club.

Taking inspiration from the lovely view of the tree lined course, hinterland and coastal location the client wanted to offer members and guests a more personal/comfortable less club like experience.

“It has been a satisfying project, the client’s have been fabulous allowing me to push the boundaries and witness the turnaround in the club’s turnover”

Kylie Mackay


Catherine Martin by Mokum

To create the cohesive design and to bring a freshness to the club rooms, Kylie specified Mokum fabrics throughout.

In the casual dining area, we see Nomadic Outdoor colour Onyx and Tribe colour Jute.   In the function/auditorium space features Mokum South Beach Stripe colour Charcoal with wallpaper in Mokum La Palma colour Midnight providing a point of interest.

Kylie selected textiles that represented a strong and graphic monochrome look to compliment the Woven Axminster carpet and textiles that would be practical and durable for a public club that sees a lot of foot traffic.

Mokum La Palma wallpaper has added a sophisticated coastal element “and we are known as a banana town (Big Banana) so it was a bit of a play on that too”, says Kylie.




Builder:  FM Glenn

Photography: Mitch Franzi - Franziphotography


Products used:

Mokum Nomadic Outdoor, colour Onyx

Mokum Tribe, colour Jute

Mokum South Beach Stripe, colour Charcoal

Mokum La Palma by Catherine Martin, colour Midnight