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Presshouse Café, Newmarket, NZ

A collaborative effort between Hellospace and Maken Design Studio, Presshouse Coffee was brought to life within Westfield Newmarket’s progressive new mall concept. Looking over the bustling streets of Broadway and positioned right next to H&M, the premium position naturally called for a bespoke creative execution that would set it apart from the rest. 

The result? A truly delicious hospitality space that entices customers to come and escape the hustle and bustle of the activity around them. A little slice of luxurious serenity, patrons are warmly invited to simply relax with friends and family as they enjoy a coffee within those rare little windows of downtime in their days. 

“A little slice of luxurious serenity”


Catherine Martin by Mokum

Chinois Green

James Dunlop Indent

Mallad Green

James Dunlop Indent



The concept was developed from the combination of the words ‘press’ and ‘house’, exploring new materiality and details that would connect to the existing Presshouse brand.

Given the position of the new cafe and the vast amount of natural light, the notion of a garden glasshouse or sun conservatory began to develop. This can be seen from the trellis white structure overhead, delicate brass rings covered with an array of stunning dried flowers and soft grey textured terrazzo tile flooring bringing the outdoors in.

Unapologetically bold and opulent, a large brass counter proudly sits in the centre of the space, drawing people in. The counter is surrounded in warmth through details in the booth seating, tables and chairs. Booth seating in leather look Bonanza, by Zepel, provides much-needed durability and easy clean properties, contrasted with a striking teal velvet backing by Rough from the James Dunlop collection.

A lovely subtle green dining chair upholstery, also in Rough, adds freshness while complementing the teal Presshouse brand colour pallet. Ottomans covered in Mokum Tropicalia provide a vibrant lift and builds on from the original flower concept while connecting and balancing the two seated areas.

To create layers of intimacy, fullness and calmness, large full height curtains have been specified to mimic the feeling of home and to soften the architecture of the large windows. The beautiful blush linen-look curtains in Lucidity by FR One and is complemented perfectly by the uniquely pink coffee machine that rests on the counter.

Designers: Kelly Rowe, Maken Design & Bridget Taylor, Hellospace
Photography: Kevin Smith
Contractor: Datum Projects

Products used:
Tropicalia Coral
Rough Chinois Green
Rough Mallard Green
Bonanza Macaroon
Lucidity Blush FR One