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Pacifique, Los Angeles

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Pacifique is a new premier restaurant in West Hollywood’s Design district.  Putting a different spin on farm to table cuisine, Pacifique stands out as one of West Hollywood’s most talked about restaurants not only for its food but its unparalleled comfort, and unforgettable dining experience in a beautiful setting.

"Pacifique is part of the unique fabric that is West Hollywood"


Catherine Martin by Mokum

This beautiful setting is all down to the creative work of Interior Designer Sean Leffers.   Sean’s design aesthetic is to create spaces with individuality, composing interiors that draw on his knowledge of architecture, art history, antiquities and decorative arts.  Pacifique is a gorgeously chic space where Japanese minimalism and French classicism come together in a way that only someone with Sean’s design eye knows how.

The intimate setting of the restaurant showcases luxurious fabrics including drapery in Mokum’s Metallique and Souk for the banquettes.

Completed in 2019 Pacifique is part of the unique fabric that is West Hollywood.

Products used:
Mokum Metallique
Mokum Souk

Interiors: Sean Leffers Interiors
Photographer: Kelly Marshal