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Icebox Cafe , Miami

Located in bustling South Beach, Miami, Icebox Café is fast becoming an iconic landmark. The flagship property is located in an area of South Beach known among locals for its unique culinary creations.

Sophisticated and comfortable, Icebox Cafe has been operating for over 15 years with Owner/Head Chef Robert Siegmann at the helm.


Catherine Martin by Mokum

Wade Hallock of Hallock Design was engaged to redesign the interiors of the space.  The goal was to capture the iconic deco tropical vibe of Miami, as well as stay in step with the owner’s concept of an ice box, which perfectly existed within the deco era. 

To create the tropical ambience, Wade looked to Mokum Fabrics. “Mokum is my go-to for fun and unique fabrics” says Wade. 

“The large scale design and palette of the La Palma print drew me right into another world of tropical 20’s with the sound of bongos playing, flamingos in the sun, the smell of suntan lotion, and warm humid tropical breezes” he says. 

Wade was looking to feature La Palma in one of his future projects and he was surprisingly pleased the design also got to play superstar in the Ice Box concept with its ability to take on pattern and colour. 

The thought process when considering fabrics and wall-coverings for a project such as Icebox Café is to select fabrics and materials that reinforce the design and its story. Some are chosen for texture, some for impact, and some for beauty alone. It’s creating the perfect concert and harmony of all these aspects that create a successful interior.

The atmosphere that has been created at Icebox Café is warm, fun and inviting. Completed in February 2019, the owner has noticed people are staying longer and that the staff are happy in the space. What more could a designer ask for but for the environment they created to have a positive impact on people.

Product used:
La Palma by Mokum, col. Coral