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Eastern Golf Club
Victoria - Australia

When the Eastern Golf Club relocated their golf course to the picturesque Yarra Valley in Victoria, they needed a new clubhouse. Working with architects, Perrott Lyon Mathieson, the client sought a building with an elegant and understated design character that would offer members a relaxed, comfortable and high end club environment with a residential personality.

In response, the architects provided a co-ordinated concept; embracing interiors, lighting, decor, furniture and furnishings, integrated in a manner that provided a design style personalised to the club.

Pivotal to success was the sourcing of distinctly designed fabrics which would positively contribute to the quality aesthetic environment sought, and work in concert with furniture selections, carpet design and artwork.

Brian Mathieson, Project Director at Perrott Lyon Mathieson explains “Mokum were unsurpassed in their capacity to supply a quality range of fabrics fit for purpose and suited to a high end interior design environment. It is no co-incidence that upholstery and furnishing fabrics selected by ourselves and provided by Mokum have set the scene throughout the completed clubhouse."

For this project Perrott Lyon Mathieson used Nouveau Brocatelle in colour Twine by Mokum, Pavement colour Sand by James Dunlop and Highrise colour Sand by James Dunlop.

The Eastern Golf Club has expressed delight with the layered visual presentation the completed project offers and especially satisfied with the level of comfort achieved. Moreover, the new clubhouse is unique and provides the club with its own distinctive and favourable identity.


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