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Villa Nova has a philosophy of creating stylish fabrics and wall papers for modern living.  Combining innovative design, contemporary prints and versatile weaves, Villa Nova offers eclectic designs in a trend focused palette.  Villa Nova launches new fabrics and wallpapers twice a year. Each launch is accompanied by an inspirational brochure that details the story behind the new collections.

Founded in 1993, Villa Nova is a young and vibrant brand with the philosophy of creating modern, versatile fabrics and wall papers that offer affordable style.

Villa Nova is a division of The Romo Group, with a dedicated team of talented in-house designers.

Experts in Fabrics & Wallcoverings
Villa Nova creates distinctive and eclectic printed fabrics, decorative weaves, sheers, wallpapers and cushions complemented by a spectrum of plain and semi-plain weaves. Villa Nova’s in-house design team identify trends that shape the look and feel of each launch. The team take inspiration from nature, art exhibitions and emerging trends in fashion.

Their initial research takes the form of visual mood boards, collating colour and design inspiration to formulate the first concept ideas for a collection. A design usually starts with hand drawn sketches or hand painted artwork that is often manipulated and reworked to achieve a final design. Each design is developed further using our computer aided design system (CAD) to work out pattern repeats and different colour combinations.

The design team collaborate with expert weavers and printers to select appropriate fabric qualities, weaving techniques and printing processes to realise their ideas and turn each design in to a unique Villa Nova product that fits with the look and style of the overall collection. Through many weaving, printing and colour trials the products are finally edited down to create the complete coordinated collection. The whole process from initial concept to final realisation of the designs and product launch can take between 12 - 18 months, with the design team having critical input at every stage of development, ensuring the final product is of the highest quality.

Signature Colour
Colour is an essential part of the Villa Nova story and the design team strive to incorporate an extensive range of both classic and contemporary shades, ensuring the palette continually evolves. Each season new fashion forward shades are added to the palette so every new launch has a fresh appeal.


"At the heart of every Villa Nova collection is a sense of style and creativity"

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